5 Foods To Never Eat

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5 Foods To Never Eat

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1. Unhealthy Fast Food.  The first of the 5 foods to never eat;  Fast hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, fried fish, pancakes, waffles and so on.  All these foods are good for is making you fatter, increasing your bad cholesterol  and putting you at risk of having a heart attack.  These foods are just not good for you in any way.  So put as much distance between you and them as possible.  Let’s take hamburgers as an example. They make hamburgers with the scrap and bits they can’t put in other meats, so what you’re getting is the fat, gristle, bone, and chopped up pieces of the nose, mouth, anus and internal organs that they can’t sell any other way.  If you saw hamburger meat being made you would be sick to your stomach for a week and probably never touch a hamburger again.  All of these scraps and bits add up to a host of Trans Fats that have no nutritional value except to clog your arteries and stop you heart. So stay away from them altogether.   Let’s just take one more example, hotdogs.   Hotdogs are full of sodium nitrite and some research has linked sodium nitrite to lung cancer and heart disease.  Definitely put these foods in your 5 foods to never eat category.

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2. Run from potato chips and French fries,  the second on our list of the 5 foods to never eat.  They are deep fried in oil.  When this happens they become saturated with the frying oil and then are full of grease that you are then putting in your body.  This grease contains cholesterol and fat which if consumed in enough quantities can give you a heart attack.  Even if you escape the heart attack fries and chips can cause, there’s still other things to think about like stroke and obesity.  If you have to have some fries or chips don’t go to a fast food joint, go home and make them yourself, baking them in your oven. Stay away from this entry on our 5 foods to never eat list.

FREE WEIGHT LOSS KIT3. White bread is another one of the 5 foods to never eat.  White bread is bleached and enriched and when you eat it the body turns it into sugar. After the body turns the white bread into sugar it then tries to counter balance the sugar so it produces insulin to fix the problem.  All of this works to slow down your metabolism to the point of making it become sluggish.  A sluggish metabolism then causes fat to be stored and you to gain weight.  Imagine eating a sandwich with deli meat between two slices of white bread.  That’s the same as taking your meat and putting it between two big cupcakes and then eating it.  The sluggish metabolism and the imbalance of you blood sugar caused by eating white bread can lead to you feeling tired and lethargic, which some others may mistake for laziness if you eat white bread daily and have these physical effects happen on a constant basis. Eating white bread  over a long period of time can also lead to type II diabetes and of course severe weight gain.  Button - 3D Acqua ButtonDefinitely on our list of the 5 foods to never eat.

4. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS ) is another substance on our list of 5 foods to never eat  and something you must avoid at all cost.  Read your labels before eating any foods because HFCS is in so many of them.   For instance a regular can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of high fructose corn syrup.   That’s like eating 10 teaspoons of table sugar at one time.  HFCS is in many things from ketchup to cereal to salad dressing to crackers etc.   for a more complete list of foods that contain HFCS, go to this link:  CLICK HERE . Many researchers blame high fructose corn syrup for playing a major role in the high obesity rates we are seeing  in our society.   If you knew that a food you were thinking about purchasing and eating had “toxic nuclear waste”  in it, would you eat it?  Well, you should stay away from foods with HFCS in them the same way.  Another No, No, from the 5 foods to never eat list.

5. Finally from our list of 5 foods to never eat, stay away from frozen diet meals that are high in sodium and fat.   The nutritional value of many of these meals is also very low to nonexistent.  Make sure you look at the ingredients on the package and ensure there is real food in the meal.  Also make sure that the frozen diet meal is not over 500 calories total and that the meal does not have more than 750 mg of sodium.  A frozen diet meal should have at least three grams of fiber so you will feel full after eating it.  And finally don’t eat any frozen diet meal that has more than 15g of fat in it.  Well, if you stick to not eating the foods on our list of 5 foods to never eat you’ll be a lot healthier and might even shed pounds a lot faster than you expect.

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